A Guide to Having More Fun in Bed

Are you looking to spice up your life between the sheets? Here are some great tips to do just that.

Talking During Sex

This is a good way of turning up the heat. You need to let them know what it is you want them to do. Teasing and making them beg you to give it to them is going to spice things up. Describe to them how their kisses and touches are making you feel. Even simple words of affection can make a lot of difference and makes you feel closer.

Making Eye Contact

Very few people make sustained eye contact when having sex. This is a little funny because you are as close physically as you can be, but you cannot hold eye contact with each other for a prolonged duration. Eye contact with your partner is a good way of increasing intimacy. At first, you might be feeling a little shy, so you need to build it up. Try holding eye contact for as long as possible. With time, you are going to feel more confident and it becomes easier to hold eye contact even during orgasm.

Keeping the Lights One

This is an effective tip that is going to improve your bedroom life. People usually turn off their lights when having sex so they don’t see each other as they get intimate. You should keep the lights on or have sex in the daylight. You can use candles too because of their nice glow and also modify the amount of life by blowing out or adding more candles.

You are going to see what it is like to look at each other while making love. You get to stare at their entire body. It can be very intimate if you can look at each other’s bodies including the genitals. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

Breathing Together

Tantric sex can teach you a lot, including breathing together when being intimate. When having sex, try pausing whatever you are doing and then synchronizing your breathing. Hold eye contact with each other because it is going to make things more intense. Another tip is putting your hand on their heart so that you can feel as they breathe in and out.

Playing with Power Dynamics

Power play is a term that is used to describe situations where a person is in charge with the other ceding control. There are many ways of doing it, so make sure you research and talk with your partner so you can figure out what works for you.

A simple way to get started is by saying that one person is the boss for that day with the other one is at their mercy (make sure you have a safe word and talk about the boundaries). You can also try bondage because it can increase intensity. You need an incredible amount of trust to put your safety in someone else’s hands. This will prove to be a vulnerable experience that is going to lead to more intimacy.

Taking Orgasm Off the Table

Orgasm should be seen as the cherry on top when it comes to having sex. One mistake people make is getting overly goal-oriented to the point where they don’t enjoy anything leading up to it. There are many women out there who haven’t had their first orgasm because they focus a lot on how to get there to the point where they are out of tune with their partner. This makes it hard to orgasm.

You can decide with your partner that neither of you is going to orgasm during sex. See whether it is going to let you deepen the experience and enjoy the moment with each other without overthinking.

Changing your Tempo

If you want to feel connected with each other and more present in the moment, slow down and take your time. Go through every activity slowly. Try savouring the experience, the same way you do a multi-course meal at a fancy restaurant. There is also the option of speeding things up when having a quickie – perhaps invite someone else – check out these video escorts for inspiration

Masturbating in Front of Each Other

You don’t always have to touch each other to create intensity and intimacy. Masturbating in front of each other, either at the same time or individually. Masturbating is one of the most personal things people engage in, so it can be intense when you bring your partner into that experience. This is very erotic. It is also going to help you by learning how the other likes to be touched.