Gifting luxury sex toys: Things to consider and how to make it right

If you were to make a list of ten giftable things, would you include luxury sex toys? Probably not! Sex toys don’t rank high in the “giftable things” rankings and for all the good reasons. Despite the openness on talking about our sex lives, people still hesitate to talk about their sexual fetishes and often do it on the internet, where their identity is hidden behind a username. In addition, you can’t gift sex toys to everyone. You can’t just show up to your family Christmas party with a sex toy in hand. But that doesn’t mean sex toys are a bad idea. 

Sex toys can be a great gift idea if you are trying to tell your partner that things need spicing up in the bedroom. They can help your partner get the hint. These are also great for banter amongst a group of really close friends. And if you are considering purchasing sex toys as a gift, here are a few things to consider. 

Whom are you shopping for?

It goes without saying, but you can’t gift sex toys to anyone. You may have had candid conversations about your sexual life with your closest friends. But that doesn’t mean they will take kindly to you gifting them sex toys. In most cases, sex toys are only suitable for spouses and partners. However, you will have to err on the side of caution when gifting them. Ask yourselves a few questions before considering sex toys as a gift. Are you and your partner open about your time in the bedroom? Have you been together for a long time? Are you and your partner looking to change things in the bedroom? And more importantly, how will your partner react to it? Questions like these will help you paint a clear picture. 

For example, you might want to spice things up in your bedroom. Thinking of the same, you gift your partner a sex toy. But your partner might take sex toys as a sign that their performance in the bedroom is lagging behind. This can make them insecure and may have opposite effects than intended. To make sure it doesn’t happen, make sure you have casual and open conversations about the use of sex toys with your partner and get their view on its use. 

Sex toys for friends?

If you are considering gifting sex toys to friends, the best thing to do is trust your gut. You might have a friend that you are incredibly open to and you two often discuss things that are going on in your bedroom. But this alone doesn’t mean they will appreciate sex toys as a gift. They might take it as unnecessary meddling in their affairs. Try and understand their views on the use of sex toys and sex fetishes. If they seem open to the idea, consider gifting, but if something seems even slightly off, back out of the idea. In the end, the best thing to do is to trust your gut.

The other person’s taste and interest:

Gifting sex toys isn’t as easy as gifting a mug or a flower vase. Unlike things of daily usage, sex toys are incredibly personal and each person has a unique taste. And it depends on you to figure out what they like and what they don’t like. This is slightly easier when shopping for a partner as it is easier to discuss their tastes and fetishes. But when shopping for a friend, you might need to rely on hunches and guesses as to what they would like. If you have had prior conversations on fetishes and sex toys, base your purchase decision on the same. 

Consider if you will be gifting them their first sex toy or will be adding on to a wide range of sex toys they already own. Your options will change drastically depending on the situation. And if you don’t have clear and obvious answers to questions like these, then gifting a sex toy might not be a smart move at the moment. 

How do you choose the right toy?

Let’s say you are past the initial introspection and come to the conclusion of purchasing a sex toy. What kind of you should you buy? First, think about the function of the toy. How would the person like to use the toy? Are they more into solo toys or couple toys? Are they open to the function of the toy, or do they prefer something else? Remember, just because you like a particular toy doesn’t mean that the other person is going to think the same way. 

Second, think of the size of the toy. Don’t assume; bigger is better. Some people may enjoy small sex toys that can be hidden easily but still do the job. Bigger sex toys are also intimidating for people who have never used them, and you might want to get them something that is easy to use and understand. Also, make sure you also pay attention to the look of the toy. Many people want inconspicuous sex toys that don’t draw much attention and can be passed as something else. 

So, should you be gifting sex toys or not? The answer to this question lies in your level of relationship with the other person and how open they are to the idea of receiving sex toys as a gift.