Great Pleasures in Sex for You

Are you having trouble getting pleasure from sex? The decrease in libido can be caused by several factors, psychological and physical, but some tips can help you improve your sex life. We have separated best choices that make all the difference when it comes to pleasure.

Pay attention to your body: value yourself daily, learn to see yourself as a sexy person, who arouses desire. When something bothers you, analyze yourself and see if you can solve it. In addition, it is worth seeking to know your body more in moments without the partner, to observe which places deserve more attention in the search for climax. You can go for the free sex near me there. Find your sex partner easily here.

Think about sex

Take some time out of your routine to think about pleasurable situations, these thoughts send the brain the message that you are willing and willing to have sex. You can reminisce with your partner or fantasize about what the next sex will be like.

Unleash your imagination:

Try playing a sensual game online with your partner. When they’re not together, invite him to play “what if …” and let your imagination run free.

How to make?

Send a message inviting you to a different game, in which you must imagine situations with each other. Choose who will start to stimulate the other. Example: you ask “what if we were in a park?” and he should describe what he would do in this situation.

You start to create simple situations and make it more spicy. The time to stop and what to do next is up to you.

Prepare the body:

You can have an erotic massage before sex. Use your fingers to glide over your partner’s body, lightly brush your nails and firm touches in between. This massage will help to end any tension and activate the body for the moment.

Vary the positions:

Talk to the partner and research together positions that you would like to test. It is even worth buying a new lingerie or erotic fantasy and erotic products.

Talking about sex with whom you have a relationship is critical to maintaining a healthy relationship and a comfortable sex life for both of you.

Among the different pillars that support a healthy relationship, dialogue is one of the main ones. Talking, exchanging and sharing are key points to maintain a good relationship without friction with each other. And that conversation should include all of the topics that surround life together, including talking about sex and sexual preferences.

However, although it is important, one of the main difficulties that couples have is being able to talk about sex. “Sex is an important part of the relationship and one of the most difficult areas when we have to talk about preferences and needs”, comments the coach.