How to Make Your Partner Feel More Attractive

Too many of us take our significant others for granted. We don’t realize just how great a person we have in our lives, possibly until it’s too late. Therefore, we should always take time to appreciate our special someone and make them feel really special. One of the best ways to do that is to do everything you can to make your partner feel attractive.

Here are some great ideas to get you started on that.

1. Sexy Underwear

From women’s teddy lingerie to sext well-sculpted underwear for men, there is an entire world of amazing stuff to make your partner feel at their best. Purchasing them as a surprise gift for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions adds to the gesture, indicating that you think of your partner as an object of sexual desire, among other things of course.

Further to that, underwear is an amazing way to express how your partner can look sexy for you in particular. Some people in relationships feel unsure as to whether they are still attractive to their partners because they may feel unsure if what they do or wear is arousing to the other person. The gift of sexy underwear gives them an exact indication of what will turn you on, too.

2. Show Physical Affection

It’s worrying for someone in a relationship if they feel that they go long periods of time without experiencing any physical affection from their significant other. Physical contact helps to release oxytocin and generally makes us feel better. When that physical contact is more romantic, it helps us to feel wanted and desired, sexually.

Cuddles, kisses, caresses, and even full-blown sexual massage are all ways that one can show physical affection to another. Rubbing your crotch and groin up against your other half also indicates a desire for sex and that you find the other person sexy. Sometimes a little reminder of that feeling is good!

3. Be the One to Initiate Sex with Them

Sex can become a very one-sided thing if it’s always one partner initiating sex and the other joining in. Regardless of the reality of how both feel, the initiator may eventually wonder if you are just going through the motions, if you are secretly relieved when they don’t initiate sex, and ultimately if they have done something wrong or are no longer sexually appealing to the other person.

If you initiate sex, you’re sending a clear signal to your partner that you are very much into them and they are an attractive, sexy and irresistible person who you just have to be with right now!

4. Tell Them!

It’s very important that you remain open and communicative with your partner about all things sexual. When was the last time you told your partner that they were beautiful, handsome, sexy or downright irresistible? You might think that it’s not necessary, or that you “tell them in other ways.” Frankly, however, there are many times when open, direct and honest communication is the best policy when it comes to sex and attractiveness.

Remember to tell your partner how much you love and want them; that they’re beautiful; that they look sexy in that suit or dress…it all helps.

5. Dial Up the Flirt More Often

When you first met your current partner, you might remember all the sparks and electricity that were flying between you. Of course that can die down a bit after you’ve been together for some time, but that’s no reason not to use a bit of flirtation with your partner every now and then. Dial up the flirt and remind them just how much you love them and how much they turn you on. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit of a cheesy one liner, or some downright dirty sex talk, it all has that same positive and affirming result.