How to take care of your doll after sex?

A sex doll is made up of sophisticated materials that you need to take care of for its long existence. Proper cleaning and storage are two most important things to maintain real sex dolls. This is for sure that you will be using it often. Therefore, it is essential to maintain them when not in use.

Use the manual guide for your doll

You will find varieties of dolls in the market, Japanese sex dolls being the best. When you purchase a doll, you will be given a user manual guide along with it which you can read thoroughly and get ideas on how to care for your doll.

Cleaning up your doll after sex

Try to clean your doll every two weeks with soap and water. Use warm water and soap solution to clean it up. Use a very soft and gentle brush to clean up the inner parts of the doll. Don’t use any other cleanser apart from the ones given by the suppliers. This may damage your doll. Clean the vaginal and butt orifices thoroughly. After cleaning, use a proper towel for drying the doll. Don’t keep it wet. Always keep it dry and cool. After cleaning, you can make use of fragrant powders to keep it fresh and beautiful.

Maintenance of your doll after having bath

Always make use of antimicrobial soaps to clean a doll. Do not submerge her head inside the bath tub while having sex with her. Always use a soft towel for drying her up.  You can make use of oils and creams to maintain the skin health of your doll. Also, you can make use of cologne or scents. You can always have a shower bath but make sure that you don’t put excessive pressure especially on the knees, and wrists. Take proper care of your doll so that you continue to enjoy bathtub sex with your girl!

Proper storage of the doll

It is important to have proper storage space for your doll. Have conversations with the supplier because he is the correct person to suggest you the best storage space. Usually, it is recommended to make use of cotton wraps to wrap up your doll. Not all covers are suitable because they might damage your doll. When storing a doll, make sure that the space is clean and dry and it is not wet or soggy. Use dry and cool place for storing the doll. Buy stain removers from the market for removing unwanted stains from the doll.

To conclude, it is important to follow the guideline manual to take care of your doll. The cleaning and storage technique is same for the male sex dolls as well. A sex doll is your secret and bedroom partner. Never allow anyone else to use it because you can be infected with their infection when you use the same doll after you friend uses it. Also, make use of lubes for preventing breakage of skin.