Today we are going to talk about a very fun topic and a very fun lifestyle that only very fun people can emulate.

And if you are among those people who are adventurous and passionate as well as romantic then this is the perfect blog for you because today we are going to talk about living with escort girls.

And when we say living with escort girls, we mean hiring them for long periods of time probably more than a week and having an excellent time with them. 

However, before we discuss how fun that can be we must tell you a thing or two of caution. 


There is only one con or disadvantage of living with escort girls for long periods of time and it is quite obvious once you think about it.

All the con that we are talking about is money because it can be quite expensive to live and hire escort girls for a long period of time.

If you are really sure about your decision then and only then should you hire an escort girl for a long period in order to live with them because it is a very elite and VIP service.

There is no harm in hiring an escort girl for a night or even a few hours and there is no shame in it if you cannot afford to hire escort girls for a long period of time.

Some people do the mistake of meeting an escort and end up hiring them for more than a week but that is very damaging to their wallet.

Sometimes you might not even like the same girl for two or three days and you might want to hire someone new but since you have availed the service you must live with them. 

There are not really any more cons to this as escorts are excellent companions and are great people to live with and have a good conversation with. 

They will not bother you with your job and they are going to be obedient to you and they are generally a very fun experience. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let us talk about living with escort girls and how they can be extremely fun for you if you are adventurous and imaginative. 



We have mentioned vacation because it is one of the most popular ways for people to hire escorts for a long period of time and it is to go on a vacation with them. 

If you are someone who has taken a break from work and has maybe one week or two of time for a vacation then hiring an escort girl is the perfect option for you. 

Not only will you get a travel companion but you are going to get one of the most beautiful travel companions ever with whom you can be as romantic as you want to be. 

This is the same as going on a vacation with your girlfriend but without the emotional baggage as you can have all the fun you want and the escort is going to provide you with that fun. 

You can visit a lot of places and you can go on exotic dates on the vacation and it will all be a part of the service that they provide. 

You do not have to get approval from them as you decide the location of your vacation and they will simply say yes to everything that you do during the vacation. 


If you are a celebrity or if you are someone in the public eye and you want to create some controversy or stay away from it or you want to stay in the media then there is a very good option for you. 

Instead of bringing your real girlfriend to any events, you can hire an escort for a long period of time and you can attend all the events that you want with them. 

Your real girlfriend or partner is going to be safe from the cameras but there will also be a very beautiful substitution for them who you can accompany to all the events. 

You can even decide to live with them after the event is over and you can enjoy romantic dates with them and have a very exotic lifestyle with them for as long as you hire them. 

There will be no controversy as the media and the paparazzi are going to think that the escort is your girlfriend and it will be fun for you to pretend like that.

If you are someone who is not a celebrity but wants to give that impression to your friends then this is also a very good idea and a very fun idea that you can try out. 


A breakup is one of the worst times that a man can experience and if you are someone who is dealing with a breakup then this is a very good option for you. 

Let’s say that you have just come out of a messy relationship and you simply want to have a few days of peace but you are not ready to live alone. 

In that case, you can hire an escort and live with them for as many days as you like and you can have all the romantic dates with them without all the misunderstandings and baggage of your ex.

This is a very simple solution and effective solution that many men opt for and it helps them to deal with breakup trauma and you can do this too.

The best thing about this is that you will not feel lonely because you are going to have someone who is never going to cheat you because they are providing a service and this will be a very good outcome for you.

We hope this blog has been able to help you understand how fun it can be living with escort girls and we hope that the ideas that we have given you are going to help you decide if you want to live with escorts. 

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