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Who is Emiri Suzuhara?

Emiri Suzuhara is a JAV actress born on April 20, 1994, in Japan. She is only 26 years old, but she has a sexy and salty body. However, she caused fever in the online community because of her innocent, beautiful babyface. Emiri has fresh beauty, pure energy, once a JAV angel in the eyes of many audiences.

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It is also easy to see through the movies of the girl who participated in acting. The emotional face increases the pleasure of both co-stars and viewers. Because of the reasons, Emiri is currently an 18+ film actress with the highest income in Japan. What is more surprising is that since she debuted with her first movie, she immediately became famous.

Our JAV actor Emiri Suzuhara was just a twentieth girl, with an innocent, innocent beauty like a girl 18. Her joining the adult film industry in Japan made many hearts flutter. Not only famous through movies, but she is also a model that attracts thousands of fans.

Emiri’s current social networking sites receive a lot of interest from Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese fans. It is also the face that caused waves in 2010 with great hits from China, making her name suddenly become the JAV angel that many people are searching for it.

The physique is a factor that cannot be ignored to act in 18+ movies. From the beginning, Emiri became outstanding with her beautiful face. However, through many hot movies, people realize the hot body of this JAV hot girl.

Emiri has fully displayed her eye-catching curves through each of the most professional poses. Most importantly, perhaps the plump chest, round and smooth white. Creating a stimulating sensation that anyone who looks at wants to try to touch once in a lifetime.

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Although she looks pretty fragile, gentle, and feminine when in the movie Emiri has completely transformed. She becomes stronger with extremely attractive and dramatic film footage. It seems that this JAV angel has had a lot of learning from the seniors, so when she started filming, she had no qualms.

Emiri Suzuhara is indeed a very interesting girl, right? Through the above information, we hope you will understand more about the hot JAV hot girl in recent times, Emiri. If you also love Emiri, please follow her and support her in the upcoming movie projects.

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