Role of aphrodisiacs in our life

It is substances, which cause stimulation inclination and excitement, making it widely used in sex. The word came from a name of the Ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite who surely knew a thing or to about sex. The effect of aphrodisiacs is caused by a ratio of vitamins and minerals. It is proven that sexual desire is stimulated by aphrodisiacs, rich with vitamins A and E.

How does it influence people:

  • stimulate inclination;
  • promote rejuvenation of fabrics;
  • strengthen feeling of pleasure
  • support sexual function.

Aphrodisiacs are classified by an origin source, for example:

  • products;
  • drinks;
  • various aromas;
  • oils;
  • flowers and plants.

Now let’s talk about each type more closely to help you take advantage of this and improve your intimate life.

Products – it is claimed that the strongest aphrodisiacs are products. It is chocolate, asparagus, avocado, seafood, nuts, garlic, fruit, honey, mushrooms and many other things. All of them contain substances which are very useful to sexual function of an organism. Their regular consumption guarantees resistant sexual desire.

Drinks – from drinks it is possible to allocate the following:

  • Coffee – a strong simulator. In order that it acted more effectively, it is possible to add to it cognac or cinnamon.
  • Hot chocolate – the stimulator has bigger effect than a chocolate bar.
  • Wine – the most powerful stimulation of inclination. Wine has to be grape. But it is necessary to drink it in small quantities, otherwise opposite effect will be gained.
  • Tea – not just plain but with honey, herbs and various spices. Also good is green with mint and ginger.

Herbs and flowers – the major aphrodisiac is a rose. This is why it is used in perfumery, cookery and cosmetology. Iris and a sage are stimulating passion and giving cheerfulness. A jasmine which weakens and tones up at the same time. That is why it was included in structure of the most famous perfume «Chanel No.5.»

Oils and aroma oils – here it is necessary to emphasise olive oil. It is applied not only as a libido stimulator, it also used in the cosmetic purposes. Essential oils increase sensitivity. Aromatic oils are applied in the form of mix of perfumes, which make positive impact on excitement. Also, they weaken, reduce concern and instil self-confidence.

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