Sex or acrobatics?

Many sex positions look really … phenomenal. That’s right … it looks – and that’s all. They look great on pornols and let them stay there. A woman wants to be a good lover, wants to reach orgasm – if she wanted to be a circus acrobat – that’s where she would go …

So let go of some positions … And let them stay in erotic movies. Have a look at them and don’t demand too much from your mistress. Of course, we are not saying that you have to lie like two stones, creative inventiveness, attempts at new positions – they are okay – but choose positions comfortable for both of you.

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For example:

Missionary – a good position for a really fast quickie. You know perfectly well that this is a “well-worn” position that makes you reach orgasm quickly. So if you want to make love longer, do not start from this position, but do not skip it.

Spider – is a position for women who are already a bit … tired. Lean back, sit comfortably, lean only on your hands and lift a little hip. You will see how strongly and deeply your partner will feel you in this position.

Reverse rider – you can ask her to ride you, however … back to you. The sight of jumping buttocks is really sexy! And your penis will “penetrate” it in a slightly different way than usual.

The dog – maybe a primitive position, moreover, loved by men, but it also gives a lot of satisfaction to a woman, mainly due to the possibility of deep penetration and strong stimulation of the G point.

Lazy – maybe the name of the position is not encouraging, but … you will maintain an incredibly intimate atmosphere during it. Lean back and pull her towards you, make love now gently and slowly – this will delay your orgasm and give your partner a lot of pleasure.

Car seat – this is a position where it is easy to come smoothly from the doggy position. The partner sits on you, backwards, now you can massage her breasts and this woman becomes … the “driver”!

You probably have your favorite, already checked items. If you don’t want to experiment too much, you can always “refresh” them slightly and you will see that sex will be unique!