The different kinds of sex doll heads

A new sex doll head fully changes the personality of the sex doll or love doll with a new face, eye color and hair style. Purchasing extra sex doll heads is a very affordable way to have an whole harem of sex dolls. The sex doll head is one of the most tangled things to select from a sex doll. All sex dolls have interchangeable heads. Hence it is simple to change the sex partner style in a finger snap. The sex doll’s make-up is durable, but temporary. It is created by hand in the factory, so it is probable to make some slight changes in the color. Some brands can only fit their own doll range. Some heads are smaller than other ones, the mini sex dolls cannot fit bigger dolls. 

Enhanced mouth– All Jinsan heads can have an enlarge mouth option. It is a realistic tongue and uvula. Each head appears with a free wig to choose from.

 Brand Specific- Heads are brand specific, It should use the shop menu on the left to look for a specific brand. 

Color matching – If the customer know the color of the silicone sex doll’s body, it is easier to make the same tone. If the customer are not sure, the owners can guess with good quality pictures and try to match the same color. Owning multiple sex doll heads is the easiest way to entirely change the look of the love doll, add different eyes or wigs to the mix and they have got an instant harem. Sex doll heads can be bought individually.

Most sex doll heads use the M16 connector, but some silicone heads use unique adaptors. A stunning selection of high-quality TPE and silicone doll heads by JY Doll. These gorgeous looking doll heads can be theirs at an affordable price.

 Oral Sex: If the buyers have never bought a doll before or don’t want to buy a full size sex doll then buying a doll head is an excellent choice. For a nominal amount, they get a premium quality doll head they can use for oral stimulation. Made with medical-grade materials, it is 100% safe to use these doll heads with or without a partner.

 Do a Doll Makeover: Buying a second sex doll can seem a little costly to many doll owners. Also, the attachment with the old doll is a primary anxiety. If the buyers want to give the JY doll a complete makeover, then changing its head should be the first thing on the list. Followed by changing the wig colors. 

Replace Your Doll Head: If the buyers have started to feel bored with the looks of the doll or the doll head is damaged. Investing in a second doll head is a cost-effective way to add life to their damaged or old doll. They have different styles and all look extremely realistic. 

They have to select the love doll face that they like the best below and buy it from the store. These realistic sex doll heads will fit sex doll models of 135cm (4ft5’) and up. These are all of the beautiful doll heads. They can use them for the following purposes: 

Sexual Desire– It should fit the doll head to a doll body to have a different appearance. The buyers have to choose the most similar skin colour to match with the body. If they are not sure the skin colour, have to talk to the shop owners. The customers need to understand that the head skin colour may slightly vary to the doll body even if they have chosen the same skin colour as could be from the different manufacturer.

 Home SexDoll Head-Most people will have visual fatigue if there is only one face for a long time, so many company launched this kind of product sex doll head, which can completely change the Love the appearance of the doll, the easiest way to add different eyes or wigs to the mix and match, after changing into the type sex doll head, they will immediately feel that there are many women in the harem. Sex doll heads can be purchased separately. Buyers can access all the silicone sex doll heads provided by all the manufacturers.