What are Dildos and How Can You Use Them?

What is a Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy that’s designed for penetration. Dildos are usually phallic-shaped and have a pointed tip that resembles a human penis. There are many styles and lengths of dildos. A dildo can improve many sexual experiences including clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration.

Types of Dildos

We have listed below dildos of all types. Let’s dive to the list now –

1. Hard: These dildos can be made from non-flexible materials such as glass, stainless steel, and crystal. These dildos are great for stimulating specific areas like the A-spot.

2. Soft: Soft dimples are usually made of silicone and are flexible or even squishy.

3. Representational:  Also known as realistic dildos, representational dildos look exactly like a human penis. Some even have testicles.

4. Non-representational: These dildos do not necessarily look like a human penis. They may have a subtle, rounded form or appear like a kinky object.

5. Vibrating:  Vibrating dildos made from silicone usually have a bullet vibrator.

6. Two-ended Toys: These toys can be used individually (both anally and vaginally) or by two people at once.

7. Strap-on: Most dildos work with or without a strap or harness. However, if you’re interested in a wearable strap on dildo make sure that the base of your dildo works with a harness.

8. Pack and play: These sex toys can be worn under your pants with a harness to create a real bulge or pack. You can bend the dildo to an upright position if you are ready to play with your partner.

9. Suction cup: This type of dildo attaches to a surface and allows for hands-free penetration.

6 Steps to use a dildo

Make sure you read the instructions before using a dildo. Different materials react differently to heat and lube. Here’s how to use your dildo.

1. Wash the dildo: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some dildos may be boiled while others need to be washed with soap and water, or a special sex toy cleaner.

2. Heat up the dildo: A warm dildo is the best for your skin, unless you are using it to temperature play. To find out if your dildo is safe to use under warm water, check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Use lubricant: Use a lot of lubrication to reduce friction between your skin & the dildo. While water-based lube can be used for silicone toys, it needs to be reapplied frequently. Silicone-based lube is more durable and can be used for steel or glass dildos.

4. Begin with foreplay: Foreplay can make a dildo more enjoyable than any other sexual activity. Begin by applying the lubricated oil to your partner’s inner leg. Before you begin anal or vaginal penetration, lightly caress your partner’s inner thighs with the tip.

5. Try penetration: Any type of play can include a dildo. This includes masturbation and sex with a partner. When penetration is your goal, you should take it slow, especially if you are using a large dose of dildo.

6. Clean up: The dildo should be cleaned in the same manner as the first, and then stored somewhere safe.

There are many varieties of dildos out there, which is great news for its lovers! Choose the type of sexual fun you want, then choose a type that will give you more of it.