80% of users make these online dating mistakes

What prevent most of the dating apps users from finding the love of their lives is a couple of decisions made along the way. It is not tied to their looks or paychecks, and these are important characteristics nonetheless but only for the bio. Instead, it is much better time investment to focus on communication skills.

The first problem on the chopping block is not looking past photos on the profile page. Half of that problem is on the apps themselves as most of the previews are a picture plus 1 line of text. This issue is partly solved on the online dating websites like JaTut where it is at least 50/50 photo and personal information on the account preview.

The key to countering it is saying to yourself that does not matter how pretty looking your future partner is their soul has more importance. It affects how comfortable you 2 will be spending time together. Just imagine how hard it will be living with human you have nothing in common.

Look for a human not for a date

An equally daunting problem is the environment where you can be matching with 50+ a day. It is the current state of most of the top online dating apps which leads to lackluster conversations. Not all the websites are guilty of that, and some introduce limits to a number of possible matches a day to make each interaction much more meaningful.

These limits can be self-imposed, so you can avoid app’s flaws and start taking more deeper conversation with matches. Speaking about that, most of the users who are not happy with their performance state that the hardest part of talking with the match are first messages. Here are some tips how to make an opener more meaningful:

  • half of the future topics can be found in a well written bio of the match;
  • if the match is an active person, a good opener will be making a date right away;
  • talking about daily routine is also a good place to branch out the conversation from.

A good advice will be end the conversation if other person shows literally 0 interest. It is also a red flag if the only thing a person want is to be entertained without any input yourself.

A couple of tips

There are dozens of more minor mistakes than 2 described above which also impacts the success on the online dating scene. One advice will be making a positive profile. Do not say that you do not like directly, instead, try to point at positive personal traits. There are many types of relationships to choose aside from of romantic ones. Online dating platforms is a great place to find a friend, a pen pal or an interesting person in general.