Fantasy is integral part of human sexuality

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Sexual desire and histories

Fantasy is integral part of human sexuality but considered taboo in society, and avoids studying it cautiously.  Contemporary psychologists admit little knowledge is available about the dark side of human mind. A recent research by the Kinsey Institute among four thousand American citizens reveals it is soothing and captivating. The two year old comprehensive study shows most men fantasize about same thing.  Most fantasies take shape from former sexual desire and histories.

Fantasies are close related to the persona of the individual and sexual inclinations. Earlier sexual experiences are unconsciously echo in those fantasies.  For instance a deep sexual experience in your life can be reflected in your fantasies inexplicably. Earlier sexual imprint influences your sexual fantasies. If you are flamboyant, extrovert person like to meet new persons in club or other places, group sex or copulation in public arena could come in fantasies. If someone is in stress and anxiety and could not handle it properly the fantasies are generally soothing like a romantic candle light vanilla sex. Their fantasies are less adventurous and alcove n romantic dream.

Threesome is most favored

Your culture, tradition also indirectly shapes your fantasies. For ages religious doctrines and political views defined what is normal in respect to sex, and the venues were limited. To most individuals sex implies penis and vagina intercourse a means to childbirth in monogamous relationships.  Most men and women feel embarrassed and ashamed when they think beyond the prescribed set of guidelines. This perception is a major hindrance to express your want and desire.  

There are lots of common features in what men and women fantasize. One of the most common topics of fantasizes of men is group sex or threesome, women also dream about group sex. 95% of men and 87% of women admitted fantasizing about threesome sex. Surprisingly 80% of both genders like romantic fantasies like lovemaking in front of campfire or in before candle light in a romantic atmosphere. Many such videos are showcased in free hardcore adult videos.